Nov 22, 2010

Ssssh....secret santa

I've been sooo very busy lately that I haven't gotten as much art done recently as I'd like. The holidays have a way of doing that.
However, I am happy to say that I've finally managed to get my "secret santa" package ready to mail.
It is off to one of the other members of the art site I belong to. you might imagine....the little goodies inside related!
I just received a beautiful package today from my santa and I'm holding back...yes I am....from opening it up. I'm honestly just enjoying looking at it! Isn't Christmas fun!! :)

Nov 13, 2010

My Contribution

After my Torn Paper Painting of the Koi appeared as a full front page on one of the local newspapers I received a request from the local Historical Society. Last year they ran a fundraising auction called "Palette Pictures" and many local artists had done a painting for this on an actual wooden palette. I hadn't heard of this event before, but sounded wonderful.

I was told they would again be holding the auction, Palette Pictures II, but the art would be created this time on a 5"x7" canvas. Seems that my koi had sparked an interest and they decided to contact me to see if I'd be willing to create something for them.

Every year I do a number of pieces for fundraisers of one sort or another as I can fit them in. Feels good to give back.
So, I took on the task.

I wanted a piece that would be directly connected to the area. Since I'm usually geared toward the coastal of our delightful little lighthouses came to mind, the Borden Flats Light. If my research is correct, it started it's working life in 1881.
This was such fun to work on. So much history.

The city had also been know back then for the Old Fall River Cruise Line.
I was lucky enough to run into some darling little vintage looking cruise images which I gave a sepia coloring to and have added them to the base of the lighthouse. When viewed without knowing it is actually quite subtle...but there.

I will deliver this piece next week and am hopeful that someone will want to take it home to enjoy!


Nov 10, 2010

Another teenie one

Something sooo tiny shouldn't been sooo much work, but it most certainly is. Not quite sure if I'll do another one of these or not.....we'll see. Having fun experimenting with these little canvases.

Nov 2, 2010

A Tiny Piece

 With the holidays coming I wanted to play with the idea of some little torn paper pieces that could even be used as ornaments.
I found these tiny little canvases that are 2 3/4" square and started to experiment. I wanted something that would not simply be a christmas theme, but something that would also work year round.
Staying within my usual coastal theme, I decided to make the first one a seagull.

This was really fun and a bit of a challenge to work this small.
Hope to try a few other designs.