Dec 31, 2012

A very happy New Year ahead...

I know mine will be....and I hope yours will be as well.
I've had an amazing 2012 with my family, my art, traveling....I've been blessed and am so very thankful.
Next year I hope to make more great strides with my art. Been setting new goals already. As for the family...well...I know that later in the year there will be a wonderful daughter Sarah has recently gotten this is a big event I'm looking forward to.
I of course always hope that there will be more travel in my future....I soooo love to travel.
Make goals...think positive...and move in the right direction.
Anything is possible...really!!!
Have a happy 2013!

Dec 22, 2012

Paris....once again!!

Yes...back from another amazing trip to Paris. This explains why I have been absent from my blog for some time now. My wonderful husband who won this trip last year...managed to win yet again this year!!! A company paid trip...yes...the best kind.
After such a great time the first time around we would never have expected to be able to do this again. How wonderful to be able to go and do it the second time at an easier pace having already managed to get in the great tourist "must sees" the first time.
This time we got to go to the Rodin Museum which wasn't open last year. Also managed the Dali Museum as well....a must see stop itself.
One highlight of this trip was that the awards dinner held on the third night was booked as a dinner cruise on the Seine on the "Yacht de Paris". event that I won't soon forget.
We were also treated to a side trip for two nights out in Bordeaux. This part of the trip included a tour and wine tasting which ended with an elegant lunch served to our group at the Chateau De Ferrand in Saint-Emilion. We then received a guided tour of the town of Saint-Emilion itself. Remarkable!!
I'm a very lucky gal indeed. I feel truely blessed.

Nov 25, 2012

Palette Pictures IV

That is the name for the fund raiser this year at the Fall River Historical Society.
Every year area artists are assigned a certain size format to create a piece they will donate for a silent auction. This year the size is an 8"x10". Theme is simply "artists choice".
Last evening was the artists reception to kick off this auction. Always a fun evening. The building is done up in fine Victorian Christmas style. While we are not allowed to take pics of that....we were allowed to take a few of the room in which the art is displayed. This is simply a small sample...the art is all around the Christmas trees..on cupboards..etc.
This is my third year of taking part in the event. My piece this year... "Coffee Break".

Right now...with the auction having just started last night...they are in the process of getting it all organized and posted online. This will make it possible for folks from everywhere to take part. The auction will run until late Dec.

The bidding on each piece starts at half of the retail if you're can get yourself a beautiful bargain for the holidays.

Nov 12, 2012

Sweet Hot

Mustard that is....."sweet hot mustard".
Every once in a while my husband and I get the urge to "create" something as holiday gifts. This year we decided to make some of this wonderful mustard that we'd done a long while ago.
With another trip coming up between now and Christmas some of our time will be cut a bit short in getting holiday we've gotten things going!

I love these little 4oz latch jars but finding it hard to locate more. I was lucky I still had these from the last time. Guess it may be time to find an alternative....unless someone has an idea where to get them!!

Nov 1, 2012

Chigirie = Paper Painting

Koi - Torn Paper Paintings - Jan 2009
Very recently I received a bit of fan mail from a fan of my Torn Paper Paintings FaceBook FanPage.
This lovely person was not only very complimentary of my work...but was also very knowledgeable in an earlier process of "paper painting" that dates back many years ago to Japan! Since she was kind enough to share this with me...I thought I'd pass this information on to you as well.
The best way to do this is with links. You can of course start with "Wikipedia", this will give you a great bit of information on the art form. You can then continue on from there.
One site is called "Shiori "- Japanese Washi Paper shop. You can not only get information, but buy paper as well.
Another... "Asian Lifestyle Design"  ....and here's another with more info.."Click-a-Japan".
Here, at "Chigirie Art" be sure to scroll through the stunning collection of pieces! Soo beautiful!!!
Yes...I could go on giving you links. There are many. But I'm sure you'll find many on your own.
If you do take the time to look through the links and read about chigirie as it was done in Japan, you will see that although the basic ideas are the same,there are numerous differences in the way in which this process is done today by myself and others as opposed to this earlier Japanese method.
Everything in life evolves and changes...including art.

Oct 26, 2012

New "coastal' sightings

When I made a recent delivery of art to The Little Beach Gallery in Hyannis the gallery owner told me that there had been some requests made for some new coastal images.
One of these was a "whale". In thinking about that we agreed that an entire whale might not make for a very interesting Torn Paper Painting....but a "tail" just might do the trick!
The other image request was that of a Piping Plover. Hmmm....since I'd already done so many seagulls....there didn't seem any reason that this couldn't be done as well.
"Piper" the plover turned out to be a fun little birdie to create. It gave me no real problems except for having to create some rice paper that could hold the look of some moist sand.
The "Whale Tail" was a bit of another matter. While the tail was interesting enough, I did feel the water had to take on a lot of life to give movement to this. Then...there was the matter of creating what would look like water droplets flying off the tail as it came out from the water. Not actually an easy task to be done with paper and make it light and airy. After a bit of a struggle with that....I finally found the answer!! (click on the pic to see a larger view)Yep...for now, a trade secret :) Unless some of you figure it out....not really all that
I think the effect worked...and I'm almost sad to let them go!
 Oh reason not to do it again :)

Oct 15, 2012

Bead Break

Every once in a while I manage a bit of time to play with something else I enjoy...beads!!
Yes...I'm still working on my Torn Paper Paintings, in face I've got several new ones in the works right now...but with the winter starting to come in here in New England, the galleries start to slow I get a bit more free time.
I found a few patterns for some beadwork I had been wanting to try. The first was for little beaded "starfish". I thought they might make some really cute earrings!! I've now tried them with a variation of bead sizes and cute.
The latest piece I made was a bracelet that, while I thought the pattern was adorable, I decided to alter it a bit changing the count of some beads and sizes of others and I think it's got a great deco look...especially with this color combo!! My favorite at this point.
I know I won't get too much more time to play with these because I still have my art to work on...not to mention another trip to Paris coming up again this winter, along with the holiday season ( comes on quickly)....but it's a nice little break from norm.

Oct 5, 2012

Tiny Art

Spent this week on a "mini" marathon.
No...not a quick run aound the block...a marathon of making little "mini canvases".
Since all the tiny art that was out in the gallery with their larger counterparts have sold out, it was time to stock up again.
This year, along with the seagulls...I've added little seahorses.
They make darling little holiday gifts when you want to give that something special but a big piece is just too much. The seahorses are 2"x 4" and the seagulls are 3"x 3".
I'm sending this little batch off to The Little Beach Gallery today then making a backup group.
I just love these tiny little canvases!!

Sep 23, 2012

Cocktail Time

It's only natural I guess that after having done the fist Cafe series my thoughts would go to "cocktails". A little something for everyone!
Just off the easel is a Bloody Mary....a personal favorite. I'm really pleased with this one. I think the colors work really well with each other. I tried keeping a fairly consistant pattern to the tears of the paper for the background and I think that was pretty effective as well. can be sure I've got others started, at least in beginning stages, for a cocktail series too.
Can't wait to show you.

Sep 19, 2012

BOW - Becoming Outdoor Women

Yep...that's what I did...took a weekend retreat
in Maine full of outdoor type classes and activities. The camp it was held at was an amazing property and offered everything from woods to water. Some of my classes were Landscaping for Nature, Nature Photos, Knot tying...etc....but my favorite by far was the Fly Tying!! Yes...who would have thought! But really...aren't they honestly beautiful little works of art anyway?? It was such fun to work on these tiny creations and I plan to continue putting this new knowledge to use whether it is in making actual flies for my husband to use or - creating
variations on this as jewelry.
Can't really say that this has made me more of an "Outdoor Woman"...but when I am outdoors I'm busy keeping my eyes open for lovely feathers now!

Sep 6, 2012


Loving the new feature on my art in the latest issue of SOCO Magazine!!  If you haven't picked up the Sept issue yet....what are you waiting for??? And....better yet...if you can't get it in your area, you can read the entire article by clicking on the link above!! with any publication (I've been finding this out a lot lately) there are some mistakes. In this case, they are rather small ones (but of course the pic of the Bass is on it's side
I am also delighted to have my Torn Paper Paintings sharing a magaine issue with the wonderful Emeril Lagasse!! We actually grew up in the same of course, when I went to New Orleans I paid a visit to one of his resturants. Sadly, he wasn't in town then, but I was given the royal treatment and got to tour the kitchen and his private dining room!! Memorable!!
Soo...take a peek at the article, and if you want to keep up with what's happening in the world of Torn Paper Paintings...hop over to the FaceBook FanPage and hit "like" button!
There's always something new going on.

Sep 1, 2012

Cafe Series

Well....yes, I know I normally focus on coastal images...but every now and then you need to shake things up a bit.....and after all...who doesn't love coffee!!
I really enjoyed working on this little grouping. of them is tea. I do love a good cup of tea as well.
Personally, I think this entire collection would look just adorable hanging together.

Aug 23, 2012


There are so many people who enjoy seeing the seperate progress shots of the Torn Paper Painting pieces that I thought I'd put together another sample.
Whenever I work on a piece I take many shots of the showing you three is really a very small number...but you get the idea this way.
I'm working on a new "Cafe" series and have done the first two.

For those who what more, if you purchase the "Collage in Color" eMag from Cloth Paper Scissors, you can see a stop-action video of one of my pieces being made from start to finish. Pretty fun!!
And I can't even begin to tell you how many shots I took to make that happen!!

Aug 17, 2012

A Good Week

Just when you think that the summer season in the area is starting to slow can be taken completely by surprise!
I started the week off by hearing that a nice Torn Paper Painting sold at The Little Beach Gallery in Hyannis. Without a doubt...this is the top selling gallery I've been involved with!!
Seems today, before the week is out, another big piece just sold. Nice!!
While I do love every piece I do...or I simply wouldn't do them....I always feel that since they are at a gallery, I always know where to find them and can bring them home when I need to. Sort of like
When they do's a little bittersweet. I'm happy that someone loved one of them enough to give it a good home but of course, I'll miss them.
Seriously though, I'm always delighted to see my art being so well received. It's what motivates me to continue.

Aug 12, 2012

Mail Art

 literally. Mail art is what I do every now and then when I just want to take a quick break from my larger format art and play around with something...maybe a new media, format, colors, etc...which acts as bit of a recharge as well. It fits in quite nicely to fill in an afternoon or an evening.
I belong to a small mailart group and every month we set up new challenges such as postcards, atc's, envelopes, bookmark, magnets, charms, etc. If, durning the course of the month, inspiration and a free afternoon can make a piece to swap out with others who join in.
One this month was for an envelope in a "coffee" theme. I do love that of course I had to take a bit of time and play. So...this little envie will be swapped out on the first of the month.

One challenge that I've personally been hosting each month is the "bookmark" challenge.
This month has been a bookmark with the theme "zentangle".
Here's mine.
This may be all I'll be able to play with on odd time
this month...but it's a fun distraction. After all....we do
have to try and keep the Post Office in business, right?
I need to come up with a bookmark theme/style for next month now.
Any ideas?

Aug 7, 2012


Another lovely lady of the sea.
Anyone remember the song...."whatever Lola wants, Lola gets".
Seriously...this is what mermaids are all about, aren't they? The sailors never stood a chance around them :)

Aug 1, 2012

A Big Oops!!

Yes...I guess mistakes do happen...even in the publishing world.
We of course expect to see it less often since there are numerous eyes that go over everything before going to print....but it still happens.

I'm honored and delighted to be a part of such a terrific publication as Cape Cod Magazine...but admit to being more than a bit disappointed in the mistake that happened in the Aug issue, especially after waiting months from when I was first approached by them till it hit the stands.

Left side - what happened...Right side - the right way

Seems that somewhere between the point where they received the images, to when it went to print, someone switched the orientation of the image...from portrait to landscape!! OH NO!!
I guess some would say an explanation is that the subject, being a fish, nobody could quickly see the mistake before it went to print.

What should have been!!

Well...being the artist...I nearly fell on the floor when I saw it. Seriously, the swimming position in that direction looks a bit unnatural to me. So...with the magic of Photoshop....I scanned that page in and corrected it myself. No, it doesn't help with the magazines out there on the stands....but made me feel better to be able to have this newly corrected page for my own personal use.

Oh my daughter said when she saw it....."at least they didn't flip it the other direction and have it belly up"

Jul 25, 2012

OJ and Lime

Love this new commission piece.
A week ago as I was driving back from having dropped off new work at the Little Beach Gallery in Hyannis, the owner, Jen, posted a pic of the art on her FaceBook FanPage. the time I arrived home....there was a commission request waiting for me on my own FanPage for a pair of the chairs in these two colors.  Nice!!
Of course, since the attention came to me via the gallerys page.... the sale went through them. Only fair. They have carried my art now for quite some time...and done very well too I might add.
Loving this color combo. May have to do another similiar.
Since no two pieces can ever be created exactly the same because of the technique....everyone will still always have a "one of a kind".

Jul 15, 2012

Fairs & Fins

It's the time in New England when country & church fairs are plentiful and all the galleries and art groups hold unique shows.
I can't help but to try to go to as many of these as time will allow. This weekend I kept quite busy with fairs, looking for that unexpected treasure. Found one. An absolutely amazing book on "mermaids". Filled to the brim with text on oceans, fish, mermaids, shells, sealife...etc. For a grand total of 50cents....I now have plenty of new text to show up in future pieces. For fifty cents...I don't mind tearing it up!!

click pics to see larger images
Last weekend I spent time at the local art shows. Our local art group held it's summer I volunteered some work time there. Afterward...I went off to see the "Fabulous Fins" that was showing at the Dedee Shattuck Gallery. The participating artists in the local open studios drive were each asked to design a wooden Yellowfin Tuna, to be placed in various locations throughout the area this summer....and will later be auctioned off. 
This particular day was a chance to see all of them in one place together...on the grounds of the gallery!

What a fun showing this was. Always a delight to see what so many different artists will do when given the same exact item to work with.
These pics are just a sample of what was there.
It will be fun as the summer goes on to see where they will be showing up around town!

Jul 12, 2012


Still being involved in a bit of "mail art"....I joined a swap the other day for Prayer Flags. Not sure of what I would do...I did enjoyed looking at them.
This swap would be for flags that were not too heavy in religious themes....and a bit on the artsy I gave it a go.
Gotta tell you....they are such fun to make!! In two days of sewing I did a bunch of them!!
These art swaps are such a great way to take you a bit out of your comfort zone and rev up the creative juices!!
Before I knew it I was in full swing in the art room again and several Torn Paper Paintings are in progress!!
And to top it off...I'll soon have prayer flags from other artists to hang and enjoy!!

A double win.

Jul 1, 2012

Intimate Museum

During our trip through Italy last month, we saw many great museums and works by the masters. I do love them all...but sometimes you can reach a peak of big huge museums!!While strolling around in Venice after a long leisurely lunch at an outdoor cafe with friends, we came to the Peggy Guggenheim museum. The friends we'd had lunch with suggested we might enjoy, we decided to give it a go.


Love it!!'s a wonderful much more intimate style museum. You felt as if you are one on one with the paintings...seeing them in the private home of Ms Guggenheim. Unlike many of the larger were happily allowed to take photos (without flash) of anything you wished. I certainly took full advantage of that. Some of my all time favorite artists were here....including Dali & Magritte. My husband had his favorite as entire room of Pollock. I've included just a few of the amazing works we saw in the most lovely and relaxed setting yet. While yes, we saw lots of great art...and some we couldn't even get to including a Klimt exhibit going on while there....this will certainly rank as a real favorite for us. If you have limited time and need to choose...pick this one!!

Jun 25, 2012

Warming up

Just a tiny bit of yummy goodness to start warming up again for the bigger pieces. Spent lots of time cleaning up the previous mess and am ready to go again.
Vacation's over!!

Jun 18, 2012

Inspiration abroad

Sorry for the long delay between posts...but it was all for good reason.
My wonderful husband and I will be married 30yrs this year and we decided to take the long delayed amazing vacation this year in honor of such an event.
We went to Italy...and did a three stop tour. Our first stop, the Cinque Terre, one of the most visually amazing places ever. Second stop, Florence....beautiful city with awesome art everywhere. Third stop, more romatic can it get!!!
We hiked the trails between the five villages of the Cinque Terre and enjoyed the beach for a bit as well. Lovely people, amazing vistas, and delicious locally made wines.
In Florence we visited all the "hot" spots. The famous galleries, a visit to see "David", the Ponte Vecchio, and of course a climb to the top of the Duomo. Each evening as we dined outside we were entertained by street musicians.

Venice and the outter islands were simply a feast for the eyes!! We had a beautiful room with a private terrace on a canal. We enjoyed wandering the maze of tiny streets every day as well as taking boats from place to place. We spent a day exploring the island of Murano and its amazing well as the most marvelously colorful island of Burano.

I will be posting to the FanPage other wonderful pics of creativity that I found during this trip. Stop by and check it out when you can.

Jun 5, 2012

Website updates

I'm soo delighted to have my Torn Paper Paintings website all cleaned up and fresh faced!!
I've been soo busy lately that I hadn't been able to write up all the revisions I wanted and collect up all the images I need to have changed out and get all this to my awesome web gal...Sarah...from Sarahs Simple Sites. Let me just say...her site work is anything but "simple".
I love my website and I love her work. If you need a great website at a more than fair price...she's your gal.
Thank you Sarah!!

May 23, 2012


One of the advantages of my Torn Paper Paintings has been in making some lovely blank notecards from them. They are bold and colorful and really stand out.
Since I don't get to keep the originals around very long ...this gives me one other way to enjoy them and let others who don't get the chance to see the originals enjoy them as well.
I'm happy to say that for the start of the summer season they are now available at Seeds Studio in Wells, well as Partners Village Store in Westport, Ma.
I will be doing a bit of traveling over the next few weeks....but when I return, I'm thinking I may make some available on my Etsy shop as well.
Will keep you posted.

May 16, 2012


Once again I find I'm working in a "series". Thought you might enjoying seeing a pic of the group together right now. The latest...lawn/beach chairs.
There really is something to be said for doing art in a series. It makes for an actual collection of similiar images, which is great for showing.
It also takes the pressure away from the question, "what will I do next?". You're already excited about the subject you're doing and can't wait to get to the next.
I spent a long time doing the series of beach toys, buckets and shovels. While there may be more to come down the line...I'm now really enjoying this new subject and I know there are more of these.
I have some other subjects in progress, but just this weekend I was down on the dock behind my house taking more reference shots of my chairs.
Yep...there's more coming!!

May 9, 2012

Still here.....

I know....I haven't been around much recently. It's not bad news's because things have been going sooo well I've been busier than usual.
Seems gallery season got off to an early start around here....and with an upcoming trip to Italy out on the horizon....I need to keep in full swing so I'll have enough work ready.
So....just checking in to show you the latest piece off the easel and let you I''m still around....working :)

Apr 29, 2012


Had a wonderful afternoon yesterday. Spent it with my beautiful daughter. That alone is always a special treat....but to top off the day I found some stunning Japanese handmade papers.
I always have a difficult time finding the great I was thrilled to be able to take a batch of these little treasures home with me.
While most people would be careful to treat them with care....I personally can't wait to "rip" into them :)

Apr 13, 2012

I told you...

Yes I did!! I said I could see a series coming from these chair pieces.
I guess I'm certainly on my way. Here's the latest. Yes....of course there is more to come!!
Lets face it....there are sooo many colors yet to be done.
And a group of rainbow chairs....yes....can't you see it now....

Apr 7, 2012

Back at it...

After having been out of sorts for a number of days with a bug, I finally managed to feel normal enough to get back into the art room. I had started the underpaintings for some smaller pieces with one chair after I had done the piece with the two chairs. I just knew a series was coming from that!
So...back on my feet I've gotten the first one finished.
On to the next!!