Jan 19, 2014

Time on the "Left"

Not all art "work" is right brained. Nope...sometimes it's incredibly left brained. Ouch!!
Being in the art field is not always about "painting pretty pictures". Nope. Sometimes it's about all the actual research and details that need doing if you are in fact doing it as a "business".
I love doing my art, but have hopes and dreams of making it a much bigger thing than it is already.
Of course..."hopes and dreams" won't make it happen!!
In order to do that I need to invest left brain time.

Sadly...this is not the stuff that I can post pretty pictures of that the "fan page" followers enjoy seeing. This "stuff" means doing inventory spreadsheets, keeping records, creating new marketing materials such as brochures - postcards - business cards, website updates, sending emails, networking, and lots of research into the directions I'm trying to go and the opportunities available.
I have high hopes of taking on more teaching possibilities and looking at some unique directions in doing this.
Sometimes it's a wonder that an artist can get any artwork done at all.

Sooo...if you do see stretches of time where I don't post up those lovely shots of the newest paintings and you are wondering if I'm even doing anything.....I just want you to rest assured that I am. It just happens to be coming from the other half of my brain...and you don't want pics of that...trust me...lol

Jan 7, 2014

A new year - another fresh start

Yes...don't we all think of the start of a new year as being a whole new fresh start again?
I know I do, soooo....cheers...lets look forward to a bright shiny new one!!!
One of my goals this year is to hopefully teach more Torn Paper Paintings workshops this year. I ran a couple last year in some new areas and they were a great success with the organizers wanting to do it again this year!!!
I'd love to find some available venues to hold these workshops in other parts of the country (and beyond) as well. I just love to travel...so adding art to that would be the very best mix.
Anyone who is out there and knows of a venue in their area where they'd like to see a workshop...pass my info along and let me know!!  Maybe we can make that happen.

Right now I'm busy running some new design ideas around in my head. The long very cold New England winter can be the perfect time for that. It helps to keep warm thoughts when planning more "coastal" images!!
One of the subjects that has done well are my mermaids. While working on my latest....Lilith during Dec...my Siren Sister sold at The Little Beach Gallery.
I see many more of them in my future!!
The second biggest seller it seems......seagulls!! Who would have thought...lol  I have a new one in the works right at the moment. The gallery is already in need once again.

Soo...as I sit by the fire with a sketch pad and thoughts of summer....I wish you all a shiny new start to a wonderful new year ahead!!