Apr 29, 2009

little pieces

Always a good feeling to be able to get some little pieces of are into my schedule now and then. These two little postcards were for a private site holding a challenge trade off at the end of the week. Just managed to get into them. The read pepper is a watercolor done for the "paint" postcard and the zettie gal is for a "you pick it" zettie theme postcard needing to be done in at least three media. Whew! Felt good to get a couple in :)

Apr 26, 2009

The first

...offer, that is.
Yep....my very first real estate customers have made their first offer on house.
They are a darling young couple with a sweet little 20mo old daughter. This will be their first home.
I'm sooo thrilled for them. Nervous too since I'm now doing my best to try and see to it that they get the home they want.
We've been running around looking at everything on the market. I honestly thought that today would be one of those rare days that I would take advantage of the weather in the 80's to get caught up on cleaning up my gardens for the start of the new season. I spent about 2 hrs when my phone rang and they were all excited because they went to some "open houses" today and found this one.
Well, needless to say, I dropped everything and got cleaned up and ran over to the house. We ended the day back at the office writting up the offer and I spent the next couple of hours on the phones trying to tie loose ends and make this work.
Now.....we wait!

Apr 20, 2009

The Buzzard

I was lucky enough to have a good friend come and visit for the weekend, but of course, the real estate business that I’m in now just doesn’t stop…weekend or not.
I’ve got a good customer right now and have been showing them many homes.
I have to say however, I really needed a well-deserved break on Saturday evening….so we took our weekend guest and joined another couple we are friends with and went for a beer tasting at the local brewery.
I’m really not even a beer drinker, but the timing just seemed right and we’d always wanted to check the place out. It’s the Buzzards Bay Brewery.
Very cool. I took pics of the big vats and we tried four different varieties of the beer.
I must admit, they really were all very different. I at least now know that I DON’T like pilsner at all but I found the dark lager to be pretty decent….if you have to drink beer.
I’m really more of a wine person myself.

Apr 12, 2009

The real ones

Since I'd posted a piece of art that had been inspired by my Arabian cupcakes...I felt it only right that I should indeed make a few.....not to mention that having done that piece gave me a craving for these treats.
Sooo....with the excuse of adding to the Easter deserts....I did indeed make a batch!!
I thought it only fitting now to post a picture of the inspiration for the art.
Chocolate with pink buttercream for these!

One more tradition of course is the Easter egg coloring.
Any excuse for art...right!!
Always a fun time but a bit of a challenge to clean up. Here my husband has begun the cleaning while my daughter finishes up the final egg. Can you believe she came home for the night just to take part in this fun...lol

Seeing as how my mother-in-law is a minister, Easter is one of those big ones!
Soo...it was off to church we went this morning. Great service...as usual. Had to grab a quick pic. The visual was soo lovely with the big butterful banner and all the flowers behind it.
Hope everyone had a great holiday weekend!

Apr 8, 2009

Naughty me

Shame on me....I haven't posted in sooo long.

I have been getting at least a little bit of art done. These were for the "naughty neighborhood" swap going on at my favorite art site. You can see they were inspired by the Bishop gals. Love those images. I think we all relate to those big bottoms!

Well....hope to get a bit more art done this week!