Jul 25, 2012

OJ and Lime

Love this new commission piece.
A week ago as I was driving back from having dropped off new work at the Little Beach Gallery in Hyannis, the owner, Jen, posted a pic of the art on her FaceBook FanPage.
Well....by the time I arrived home....there was a commission request waiting for me on my own FanPage for a pair of the chairs in these two colors.  Nice!!
Of course, since the attention came to me via the gallerys page.... the sale went through them. Only fair. They have carried my art now for quite some time...and done very well too I might add.
Loving this color combo. May have to do another similiar.
Since no two pieces can ever be created exactly the same because of the technique....everyone will still always have a "one of a kind".

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roc said...

love it. so happy for your success!