Aug 1, 2012

A Big Oops!!

Yes...I guess mistakes do happen...even in the publishing world.
We of course expect to see it less often since there are numerous eyes that go over everything before going to print....but it still happens.

I'm honored and delighted to be a part of such a terrific publication as Cape Cod Magazine...but admit to being more than a bit disappointed in the mistake that happened in the Aug issue, especially after waiting months from when I was first approached by them till it hit the stands.

Left side - what happened...Right side - the right way

Seems that somewhere between the point where they received the images, to when it went to print, someone switched the orientation of the image...from portrait to landscape!! OH NO!!
I guess some would say an explanation is that the subject, being a fish, nobody could quickly see the mistake before it went to print.

What should have been!!

Well...being the artist...I nearly fell on the floor when I saw it. Seriously, the swimming position in that direction looks a bit unnatural to me. So...with the magic of Photoshop....I scanned that page in and corrected it myself. No, it doesn't help with the magazines out there on the stands....but made me feel better to be able to have this newly corrected page for my own personal use.

Oh my daughter said when she saw it....."at least they didn't flip it the other direction and have it belly up"


Terri Kahrs said...

First - Congrats on being published in the mag. It IS a "BIG" deal, and the magazine gets a LOT of exposure in the Cape Cod area. Whoo-Hoo for YOU, Wanda! Second - (Sniff, Sniff!) So sorry that they screwed up. Looks like they'll have to publish an apology and "owe" you more space and/or good exposure in their next publication. Think of it as a "blessing in disguise"!!!! Love & Hugs, Terri ♥ xoxo

WW said...

Thanks Terri
I do hope they will be kind enough to make this right somehow. They are a lovely publication and I'm happy to have been included..even if the work was not represented in it's best light.
I have my fingers crossed that they will be professional enough to do something positive about this.