Aug 12, 2012

Mail Art

 literally. Mail art is what I do every now and then when I just want to take a quick break from my larger format art and play around with something...maybe a new media, format, colors, etc...which acts as bit of a recharge as well. It fits in quite nicely to fill in an afternoon or an evening.
I belong to a small mailart group and every month we set up new challenges such as postcards, atc's, envelopes, bookmark, magnets, charms, etc. If, durning the course of the month, inspiration and a free afternoon can make a piece to swap out with others who join in.
One this month was for an envelope in a "coffee" theme. I do love that of course I had to take a bit of time and play. So...this little envie will be swapped out on the first of the month.

One challenge that I've personally been hosting each month is the "bookmark" challenge.
This month has been a bookmark with the theme "zentangle".
Here's mine.
This may be all I'll be able to play with on odd time
this month...but it's a fun distraction. After all....we do
have to try and keep the Post Office in business, right?
I need to come up with a bookmark theme/style for next month now.
Any ideas?

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