Nov 1, 2012

Chigirie = Paper Painting

Koi - Torn Paper Paintings - Jan 2009
Very recently I received a bit of fan mail from a fan of my Torn Paper Paintings FaceBook FanPage.
This lovely person was not only very complimentary of my work...but was also very knowledgeable in an earlier process of "paper painting" that dates back many years ago to Japan! Since she was kind enough to share this with me...I thought I'd pass this information on to you as well.
The best way to do this is with links. You can of course start with "Wikipedia", this will give you a great bit of information on the art form. You can then continue on from there.
One site is called "Shiori "- Japanese Washi Paper shop. You can not only get information, but buy paper as well.
Another... "Asian Lifestyle Design"  ....and here's another with more info.."Click-a-Japan".
Here, at "Chigirie Art" be sure to scroll through the stunning collection of pieces! Soo beautiful!!!
Yes...I could go on giving you links. There are many. But I'm sure you'll find many on your own.
If you do take the time to look through the links and read about chigirie as it was done in Japan, you will see that although the basic ideas are the same,there are numerous differences in the way in which this process is done today by myself and others as opposed to this earlier Japanese method.
Everything in life evolves and changes...including art.

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