Nov 12, 2012

Sweet Hot

Mustard that is....."sweet hot mustard".
Every once in a while my husband and I get the urge to "create" something as holiday gifts. This year we decided to make some of this wonderful mustard that we'd done a long while ago.
With another trip coming up between now and Christmas some of our time will be cut a bit short in getting holiday we've gotten things going!

I love these little 4oz latch jars but finding it hard to locate more. I was lucky I still had these from the last time. Guess it may be time to find an alternative....unless someone has an idea where to get them!!


Mumbles said...

What a wonderful idea! We used to make jams for gifts, maybe we'll get into that again! Is this sort if what you're looking for?

I'm enjoying reading!

WW said...

Thank you soo much...what a great source!!