Dec 16, 2008

Our Tree

Finally......we've got our tree up and decorated. On Sunday we went out and bought a tree for our house and picked up another for my in-laws. We took their tree to them that afternoon and got it set up in it's stand and the lights on. We then came back home and made sure ours was all set with enough water and such, but were due out to a friends for dinner.

Sooo.....last evening we finally got a chance to decorate it. I will admit to getting just a touch sappy since this is the first year that we've had an empty nest at Christmas.
Our youngest daughter is now in her own place and fully enjoying her first Christmas on her own....but it's going to take a bit of time to get used to.

I guess we all know that this day will come....but there really is no way to really be ready for it.
*heavy sigh* It certainly is tough for parents to grow up! :)


Sir Pumpkin said...

Wonderful wonderful!
*does a little dance around tree*

roc said...

your tree looks beautiful! oh it is hard to have the kids leave the nest. but you know what's worse? once they are out and you get to use and then they come back home!!! been there. still visiting it.