Dec 7, 2008

Visuals of the season certainly is beginning to "look" like the Christmas season.
Yesterday was the day of the Christmas fair sponsored by our local art group and held at their gallery.
MMmmmm, lucky me, I got to work the bake table! Will power....yep, had to have it!! I only had one cookie for the drive home later! Whew!!!

Now, this morning I awoke to a lovely visual. The first snow of the season!

Just a tiny bit....but enough to make everything look just beautiful! This first pic is the view from my bedroom window. It almost looks like a black & white picture, except, if you click on it to enlarge, you can just see a hint of color from a bit of grass showing through on the right and a tiny view way down on the beach level of a hint of the pink and green chairs that are still down there.

The second pic is another view from upstairs from a front facing bedroom. This is what the red maple tree looked like this morning! What a treat this all way.
I don't mind snow in this amount. Just enough to look pretty for a little while but not enough to have to worry about getting around in!


Kelly Anne Dalton said...

I am sooooooooo jealous! We haven't had any snow yet, and it is Montana for goodness sakes *^_^*

roc said...

wow..only one cookie? you're very very good!!
those photos could be in a frame. they're gorgeous!

Cathy said...


julie king said...

the snow pictures are the kind that have me longing for the first wonderful sugar-coating snowfall here in ohio! they are wonderful! i particularly like the green and red chairs!