Dec 22, 2008

A little art time

With all the holiday events and errands and stuff going on it's almost impossible to find a bit of art time. Whew!!! Finally took a few moments.
Not quite sure what took me in the Goth direction...but is art! It just felt good to do something....anything!!!
It's this time of the year that always has me looking a bit forward to January. It's a slower time and the holidays are over and you spend more quiet time indoors.
I'm looking forward to a big fat overdose of art right about then!!


roc said...

that is adorable! love what you did. i'm with you on finding some art time. it's crazy right now. soon we can dig out heels back in and get busy making art. i, for one, can't wait!

DMG said...

Sometimes you just have to go Goth! I am loving your work, Wanda!