Dec 29, 2008

One more under the wire

The last cupcake piece for this year!
Since I want to try bigger pieces using this paper painting process, I figured I'd get myself rolling, now that the holidays are almost over, with a slightly larger 5"x7" piece.
This was a good warm up. I ran into several spots where I had to completely redo what I'd done because it simply didn't look right to my eye.
I'm pretty satisfied with the end result and ready to start the new year with something other than a cupcake.....unless it's the edible


roc said...

wonderful art wanda! love it!

Anonymous said...

Now thats an awesome cupcake!

Sir Pumpkin said...

Nobody can make cupcakes like you do.
Have a happy and healthy and creative New Year with lots and lots of art for us to enjoy. x