Nov 20, 2008


It was such a beautiful fall day recently that my husband and I decided to go off and walk the paths around our pond.
In all the time we've been here I'd actually never gone off and done the whole thing.
The area all around the pond, actually a series of 5 ponds, is all conservation land.
The paths turned out to be really beautiful and well taken care of. In this first pic you just about see the water to the left.

The next shot shows the view of my house from the best visual spot. Mine is the one right in the middle. From this distance you can't see very much at all. Can't even make out the dock.
Guess there is no need to worry about privacy from the trail walkers!

I do have a pretty good zoom on my camera, so
here is a bit of a closer view. Still can't make
out very much.
It was a lovely walk and great to see all the nature back there and how well taken care of it is.
When we got back home it was time to rake the leaves in our own yard then stoke the fireplace!


jennalee said...

It looks beautiful Wanda, love the fall colors.

julie king said...

i am so envious of you living right on the lake . . . and such a beautiful one at that. my hubbie and i love to kayak and we've often said how nice it would be to live right on a lake and be able to kayak easily without having to transport the kayaks in the jeep.

WW said...

Yes..I must is a special blessing to be living where we do.
As for kayaking...not only does my husband love to do that...but he builds his own wooden ones as well!!

aliceinparis said...

How lucky you are to live in such beautiful surroundings:))Nice to see the seasons change I bet. Thanks for popping by:)
Cheers, Shelagh