Nov 10, 2008

More torn paper

Yes....I did another torn paper painting. As always, when I find something new that is fun to do I can't seem to
I know I'll be making quite a few more of these. Although this one is another cupcake, I think I'll try my hand next time on something new.
This one is another 4x6" size.
If nothing's giving me a new use for all those papers that I've yet to throw away!!!


Anonymous said...

Ohh another one! Very nice :)

Terri Pezzullo - Handmade said...

Wow these are great!!

roc said...

wow..that's awesome !!

julie king said...

you're a natural at this!! my vast collection of scrapbook papers is what got me started on torn paper collage. now it's a real addiction!!

julietk said...

you just have to love cupcakes :d