Nov 24, 2008

My prize package

arrived today!! This was the package of goodies I'd won for my Halloween postcard design at MailArtWorld. Since the prizes were coming all the way from Australia, I knew they would take quite a while, so I wasn't worried and knew they'd show up at some point. was my surprise. It was just like a bit of an early Christmas. There in my mailbox was a package. At first I wondered if it was merely a package from some of my early online Christmas shopping...but upon pulling it was for ME!
How wonderful. The goodies were even gift wrapped!
There were two brown kraft books for altering, two watercolor blank postcards, a white pen, a "mail art" stamp, and YES....24 Twinkling H2O's!!!
Just look at those yummy colors! Love the shimmer of these little beauties. I had invested in just a couple of basic colors at one time to give them a what a delight it was to receive these!!!
Thank you MailArtWorld....and to all the members who voted for my card! With sooo many fine artists at the site, I'm especially honored to have won.


julietk said...

They look like a nice set of paints well done winning them.
I enjoyed my visit to your blog :)

roc said...

congrats wanda! now have you ever heard of the word "share"??

greer / eggstudio said...

Miss Wonder, you deserved every bit of it too. don't pay attention to roc.

WW said...

Well can come on over and play with me if you'd like :)