Nov 15, 2008

Off season finds

I just love finding things that are "after the holiday" clearence sales. I was recently at a craft shop and found their clearence on all the Halloween items that were left over. After hunting through everything, I found these wooden "haunted tree" decorations. The only thing I really saw that was "haunted" was that they had a face.

Well....that was easily taken care of!!!
I purchased two of 75% off....which brought them down to $1 each.

I took them home and first painted white over the faces.
I then painted the whole tree with a lovely shade of green.
Well..........look what a nice "earring display" they turned into. I've put a bunch of the leaf earrings that I've been making for my Etsy shop on the trees....and they look sweet.

I'm going to use one of them as a display for the earrings at my sister-in-laws wellness center.

Gotta love those off season finds!!


roc said...

hey that was a wonderful idea. extremely creative!

julie king said...

i just love what you did with the tree. like you, i love the clearance sales at places like hobby lobby. but my problem is i buy the stuff but never get around to making anything with them.

thanks for visiting my blog! i'm just now catching up and plan to read your blog and visit your etsy shop!!

WW said...

Thanks for stopping by Julie.
It was fun to find another "torn paper person" out there.

Anonymous said...

These look fantastic! Great thinking :)

T.Allen said...

What a great idea. It looks fab!