Nov 13, 2008

Cuppa Joe

Here is my first attempt at trying something other than a cupcake. I still didn't want to get very complicated since I've still got a loooong way to go in learning to do this process effectively.
I'm beginning to feel as if I'm headed in the right direction and I like where it's going.
Trust's anything but easy. Most of the way through this one I saw an area that I just couldn't live with....the colors/patterns were all wrong. A big part of it could luckily sill be pulled off....the rest, simply covered over.
Still pretty "hit & miss"...but fun nevertheless.


roc said...

that is gorgeous!

Sir Pumpkin said...

Oh I adore these textures - lovely work.

ReneeBuchananArt said...

Oh my gosh! That is AWESOME! I have started using a lot of torn paper on my sculptures instead of painting them and I LOVE the effect. Wonderful work!

Renee :)

julie king said...

this one is looking great. i like the combination of colors! what i love most about torn paper collage is how forgiving it is. if i make a mistake or don't like something i just cover it up. the "mistakes" just add more texture to the piece.

Anonymous said...

beautiful :)