Jun 9, 2009

Weekend outing

We just had a lovely weekend visiting with friends in NH. A much needed break indeed! This was our first time going up to this couples home. I'd heard much about it. It is a lakefront home that they actuall designed. Well...everything I'd heard about how beautiful it was....was true.

The living room was a true work of art! Aside from the stunning views through the huge set of windows....the ceiling was created to take on almost a cathedral feeling. (click on pic for a larger view)

We stayed in the "cabin" just slightly up the hill from the main house. Pretty nice spot all on it's own...don't you think!!

One of the things we did while there was to go off to visit a place called "Cathedral of the Pines". It was just wonderful. You could walk the grounds and look at the gardens and just sit for a long time. It was built as "all-denominational and non-sectarian". People of all beliefs can worship there. The tower was dedicated to "women" and the service that women have given through time for our nation. The plaques that are on each side were created by Norman Rockwell and his son Peter.
When we got back to the house we went for a boat ride around the pond. There are some unique homes there...to say the least.
Think this is a boat??? Think again. This is actually a house with a front section made to look like a boat. Pretty cool!
And this one is another neat one. If you look closely you'll discover that the guest quarters for this one.... is actually a tree house.

And of course....the part my husband was really looking forward to.....taking out our hosts Adirondack guide boat.
It was a beautiful boat and Mark was delighted to have gotten to take it for a good run around the lake.
Wonderful weekend....beautiful views....and great company!


roc said...

wowee..gorgeous photos. that house is amazing...no wonder you had a great time going there! hey...take me next time!

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wow wonderful place - great photos - thanks for sharing!