Jun 28, 2009

Beaded Beads

I spent the day yesterday at an all day workshop for "beaded beads". It started at 9:30 am and finished up a bit after 4:30 pm.....at which point I almost finished two beads! It took another hour after I'd gotten home to finish up the second one. I had taken a workshop with this instructor once before for another style bead which I still make many of and sometimes put into my etsy shop. These two beads were quite different in style. More crystals are involved in these....so a bit more costly to make.

It was a fun day and a sort of a birthday present to myself. Actually, the owner of the bead shop where the classes are held also knew that my b-day was this weekend....so she had a little cake for me as well. Sooo sweet!!!


Lauren T said...

They are so intricate, no wonder they took so long. How big are they?

WW said...

Thanks. There approx. an inch in size. Way too much work for something sooo small!!

Deb L. said...

I love these beads Wanda! I really like to bead once in a while to "change things up"... where was it that you took the class (you are in Mass too, right? Deb