Jun 13, 2009

Watercolor vs Acrylic

I tried doing two similiar postcard sized painting in pretty much the same design but in different medium. (click to enlarge)
The one on the left is watercolor on watercolor paper and the circles done in ink. I love watercolor and the variations you can get with the wet in wet painting. There is a lovely glaze of twinkling H2O's all over her tail and wings as well...but the scan doesn't pick that up very well.
The one on the right is all done in acrylic on top of a book page adhered to bristol board. I decided to make the background paint layer cover the text and only have it show through on the body itself. With the more flat type of finish that comes from the acrylic, I think the text adds a nice variety and interest. The circles were done in acrylic as well this time.
I must say that I'm not really sure which one I like better now. They both have their fine points and things I like about each one. I just found this to be an interesting exercise and may do this more often. There is always something new to be learned each time.


Lauren T said...

I really love the colours of the watercolour one. Leaving the text showing on the acrylic looks great too. I try to get that effect, but I'm too heavy-handed with my paint.

roc said...

great job. i love being able to see the text on the right one! awesome.

jennalee said...

i like them both very much.