Jun 29, 2009

Name that cow

I finally finished another one of my larger paper pieces. It's 11"x14", which may not sound all the big for some things....but for this process it is still very much of an undertaking for me.

This one is for a local show which, yes, ends up having quite a collection of cows.

I normally do watercolors for this show but figured I throw in something different this year.There has never been any torn paper collage of this sort in the show before....so I guess we'll see how well it goes over.
For the "white" parts of the cow I slipped in numerous little bits from one of the local newspapers.
The snout also has some pieces from the black and white label used in our local brewery.

Now.....I need a name....and I think I need some help with that.
Any ideas are welcome. Would love to know what others think.


Anonymous said...

This is so beautiful!!! I am in awe of your talent!!! Outstanding job!!!!

barefootchef said...

She is wonderful! How about Maybelle, Mabeline, Mable or Margaret Anne? You could always put Ms or Miss in front of her name to give her some distinction!

roc said...

wow wanda...no wonder that other artist didn't want you to use the name of her artwork...she could see your work was going to outshine hers!
wonderful job with this. it's beautiful!! when i looked at it i immediately thought "bessie".

WW said...

Great ideas so far....keep them coming!

julie king said...

i think it is very well done!! as for aname i thought maybe it should tie in to the name of your town somehow since you used bits of the local newspaper and brewery label. maybe it would make it more desirable for members of your town.

WW said...

Well...I've had names being offered to me from everywhere.
There is a good chance that it may end up with "Maisie".
Not sure yet if there will be a "ms" or "miss" with it.

barefootchef said...

Miss Maisie sounds delightful to me!