Feb 23, 2010

My First Step

It's my first step to going after my New Year's resolution....to get my art out there and have it finally seen.
Today I went back to the area gallery that had shown an interest in my work, but they'd wanted to see more in the way of "water themed" pieces.
I completed making five new one's on the theme and decided to take them all there to show her so that she could see if she liked them and pick what she'd want to hang.
Much to my surprise....Yes, I still get quite surprised.....she loved them and took them ALL!!
I'm thrilled. I'm officially represented by an area gallery now and feeling confident to move on and find more!!
The gallery is the Collyer's Gallery at the Ropewalk.
OK....gotta go get busy making more art!!!


sharon said...

Yaaaaay Wanda!! That's super....I'm so happy for you! Your piecews are wonderful!

Lauren T said...

That is just fantastic! Congratulations so much.