Jan 22, 2009


YES.....I did it!!!!!!! *Happy Dance*
I have just returned from the testing center...and I have officially passed my MA Real Estate Exam!! Yay!!
Gotta tell you...I have soo much respect for what goes into doing that job than I ever did before.
Boy, with all I've had to learn, I should have been given a licence for appraisals, banking, law...etc...etc..
My left brain has never worked soooo hard.
Welllll....anyway....I had 4 hours to use to take the two part test....the General Real Estate Law and the MA Real Estate Law. I used up all but 15mins. before I hit the finish button. I was one of the first people in there this afternoon and the last one done.
When I finished, the woman let me out of the testing room and said it would be a couple of minutes before she had the results. Soo, I went to the ladies room and came back and was just getting my purse from the locker when I heard, " congratulations"! I looked up and said "really? Yes?" and the woman looked up and smiled and said "yes...you passed".
Well....wouldn't you know, I started to cry! I'd been on the emotional edge for soooo long, I couldn't hold it any longer. Nice ladies that they were of course completely understood and said, "go ahead honey, get it out. You earned it". Boy...did I!!
Sooo....it's done and I'm tired, but I've got a nice glass of wine in front of me and the test behind me and I'm going to let my right brain come out and play for a few days before I put this all to use.
Just thought I'd share with all of those wonderful folks who have been aware of what I was doing and the final result!
Thanks for all your support!


roc said...

clap clap clap clap clap
i'm SO happy for you wanda. that's awesome that you passed!!!!! but i have to say i KNEW you would!!! i'm proud of you!!

Anonymous said...

eeekkk!! (excited squeal) CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I knew you could do it, you smart cookie you :)

Jennifer Williams said...

Congratulations! All your hard work paid off!

WW said...

Thank you all!
I appreciate your lovely words...and I'm sooo lucky to have such support!

barefootchef said...

Hurray, hurray and so happy that you have done it! You are an amazing woman and am so proud to know you!!!

Wicked Good Dinner said...

Congratulations!!!!! That's so amazing :-)

Sir Pumpkin said...

BIG congrats - woweee.... may I join in the dance with you?