Jan 2, 2009

Big bottom puzzle

On one of the art sites that I do regular trading with, one of my latest swaps involves puzzles. There are nine of us each doing a nine piece puzzle which will then be swapped with one piece from each of the other players puzzles. All of these puzzles will have different themes. Funny enough, I started getting requests to do my pieces in the big bottomed gal style of artist Sarah Bishop. Well....after much thought about that....I decided to go for it.
I guess it comes down to many of us being able to relate all to well to that figure...lol


roc said...

hey..speak for yourself woman! i can't relate at all!!
love your puzzle. it's awesome. i giggle every time i see my atc by you on my art door. love it.

ALFAMOM said...

Wanda, I love this HeHe!!! My hubby would like it too.

Anonymous said...

This is awesome hon! Love it!

Sir Pumpkin said...

LOL - these are amazing! And as a lucky participant I am wondering which one I'll get!
Terrific witty fun.