Oct 14, 2008

Halloween postcard

Well....I finally finished creating my entry for the Halloween postcard contest at MailArtWorld.
I can't believe how many hours I spent on this one, between the doodling around for ideas and then finally putting the image together.
It's mainly done in colored pencil. I inked the outlines of the image and did ink for the text that I put on colored vellum, but all the coloring was done with layers upon layers of colored pencil.
I must say that I'm quite happy with the way this one turned out. I may even need to hold onto it for awhile!!


roc said...

this is just adorable. love it!!

Sir Pumpkin said...

This superb - witty, clever, and beautifully drawn.

Taluula said...

So much fun, and beautifully done.

Wicked Good Dinner said...

I LOVE this!! My fingers are crossed for you :-)

Anonymous said...

Ohh! nice work! You didn't mention this one on the phone! :)