Oct 17, 2008

The colors

of fall makes me run out of the house with my camera often. This evening was just lovely as the light hit all those trees. I couldn't help but notice a big shadow cast from the trees on my side of the pond creating almost a big gliding bird image.

Seems I wasn't the only one who couldn't help but take pictures today. My neighbor was out on her kayak with her large camera taking advantage of the light and colors as well.
While standing on the dock I turned around and realized that there was a lovely bit of color behind me facing the house. The reds
are just sooo beautiful.
After taking all these lovely views, I of course took a number of single leaf shots to use to make more autumn leaf earrings!


roc said...

oh my gosh..i love that picture of the shadow. that is so incredible. how lucky for you to have gotten that!

Kelly Anne Dalton said...