Aug 20, 2016


Well...the earlier part of Aug. had me distracted with the fact that we found ourselves in need of new wheels. No....not a replacement for my Mini....but for the elderly Outback that my husband was driving.
This came as no shock to us since we already knew it was on its last leg....but it decided to retire even faster when it added brake issues to the many aliments it already suffered.
You can only keep them on life support for just so long.
Sooo....the hunt began.'s never a fun prospect, especially since we were looking for a good used one....not something right out of the showroom. No budget for that.
For the practical side....needed to have roof racks for carrying small boats, a trailer hitch for toting med. sized boats & trailer for yard waste, and of course drive well in the bad New England winters.
For the not-so-practical would of course have to "look" good. Hey...why not!!

During this process I was, as you'd expect, left housebound since my wheels were the only one's available.
Luckily it didn't take all that long.
And here she is, the "new to us" wheels. Yes...another outback...but this is a smaller "sport" model.
Great price, low mileage, and yes...super cute!!
It's a win-win....cause I've got my Mini back :)

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