Aug 29, 2016

A Tale of Two Lighthouses

Time to show you the results of an experiment that I conducted with another artist friend of mine, Grace Stevens, who works in watercolor.
Grace had taken a lovely photo of a lighthouse on one of her boating trips and since we both thought it to be a great subject...we decided to paint from the same reference photo, but in our different mediums.  Her with watercolor...and me with torn paper!!
While we were going a bit out of our comfort zone with some of these textures....we both felt our results would be terrific as separate paintings....but the fun part would be to see how differently each of us might interpreted the subject.
(side by side pic is at the bottom of the post - you can also click images to enlarge)

Grace's watercolor is yet another one of her beautiful delicate pieces. Smooth and calm. The lovely textures of the rocks and the foliage convey a peaceful environment.

My torn paper painting of the same subject....well...I must say the word "colorful" comes to
The approach to texture with the use of paper creates a whole other feel in the very same location.

With the watercolor you create a more fluid movement.
With the paper...the textures and patterns almost decide for themselves which direction they will take.

I really enjoyed this experiment.
It's interesting to see how different artists "see" the very same image and how they interpret that.
To see this done with two very different mediums as that's a real bonus. Such fun to see the outcome.
I know I plan to do this again....and I think Grace is already looking forward to the next one as well.

So go ahead....get inspired...and do something like this with an artist friend of yours too!

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