Apr 1, 2014

Thank you Martha

I must give credit to where credit is due. This time...it's to Martha. Yes...Martha Stewart.
Wow...honestly never thought I'd say that. I know...she has put out some lovely things and has a nice magazine, but I'm honestly not one of those people who goes out there buying "all things Martha".
Well....the other day I was out looking in the arts & crafts store (with coupon in hand) for whatever fun mark making things I could find to work with my new Gelli plate.
Any of you who have one knows that the surface has to be treated carefully and so you don't want anything that can damage it.
Just as I was giving up, I walked past the aisle where all of the Martha products were....and discovered what is now my MOST favorite art tool. Yes...favorite!!!
I found these amazing long handled "Squeegee" brushes. They are all molded rubber and completely soft in feel and movement. They can't damage the surface of the Gelli, you can use "both" ends, and can wash clean with soap & water!!
AND....as if that wasn't enough....they are the best thing I've ever used for my Torn Paper Paintings as well. I work with lots....yes Lots...of gel medium. For anyone who uses the stuff, you'll know that it can get pretty crusty and difficult to clean. If left on a regular paint brush for a bit to long it can take forever to clean it. In fact, after a while...you really do need to replace that brush.
Well....these little darlings do the job like a champ.
I gave them a try just to see how they felt and was amazed at how well they worked. They are flexible and move like a brush, and being a squeegee as well, they actually spread the gel far better than any normal brush I've tried.
Needless to say...they also wash clean with ease. And...if you should forget to wash it right away, or get distracted and forget....the gel peels right off of them!!!
These silly little rubber brushes have almost made me giddy with their usefulness!!!
Soo...if you see yourself having a use for these beauties....better get out there and get some....because something tells me...when more folks discover them....they'll become hard to get!!
Again....thanks Martha!!


Robin said...

Thank you so much for sharing! Before I destroy another brush w gel medium, I'm going on a quest for this tool! Excellent art work, BTW <3


Renee Stien said...

Thanks for the product review, Wanda. I will check for these next time I'm shopping.

roc said...

Oh...I have to get them!

WW said...

Ooh...you're all very welcome. It's always fun to share a great new find with other art friends!!