Apr 10, 2014

Many interpretations

What would you think of with the theme "Surf & Turf"??
Hmmm....I think food mostly...lol  Shrimp & steak...ymmm!
Well....in the Westport area, about 85% think ocean, water, shore, beach...or anything that comes close to that.
Soo, when the latest art show was themed Surf & Turf...there was an abundance of beach/water paintings.
Never let it be said, that just because many artists are painting the same subject using the same medium, that they are at all "alike". Actually...far from it.
With each artist having their own style in their approach ...this was a show of many lovely water/beach/sea paintings!!  Subject & medium may have been the same, but none "alike"

Funny part....the winner for "best interpretation"...turned out to include "food"...lol

Best Interpretation

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cathy parmelee said...

what a fun theme! and as always, your art rocks!