Feb 14, 2013


the blizzard...not the fish...lol
We got hit with a big one last weekend. At this time last week I was out getting everything I needed to be able to be snowbound for however long it took. The predictions were pretty serious.

Well....we did end up with approx. 20" of snow. Thank goodness, as my husband would say..."at least  we are hardy New England stock". The snow came in on Friday evening. We lost power until Sunday...but we have a generator so were able to run that for several hours at a time to keep the heat up and get a few things done with light. I think the hardest part was not being unable to get online...no internet until Monday night!!

My mother-in-law was also without power or heat...so she came to stay with us since we at least had heat off and on with the generator and the fireplace full time.
It was actually pretty fun. Board games, red wine, and hot soup....it's all good!!
Since I'm not a fan of driving in bad weather I do find myself at home and in the artroom a lot more during the winter....soo...due to this big one, I'm way ahead on getting some canvas prep done...lots of underpaintings ready and waiting for paper!!

This should certainly keep me busy for a while...and at the very least...they are all images with the promise of warm weather to come!!

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