Feb 27, 2013


That's what I'm calling this piece.
This one was done from a photo I took of two of my chairs in the backyard beside the pond. I take a lot of photos of those chairs and change up the colors I use when making them.

I've done many of them as smaller single chair pieces. This is the largest so far, 18"x24", of two together. While it was certainly more work....I really like it.
Those of you who have followed my Torn Paper Paintings work know that there are many many hidden words and images throughout each piece for the viewer to find. Some easy...some not (don't want you finding everything right away).

This one is getting it's name from one of the words found within the piece. My husband saw the word, and of course the tune started to play in his head right away...lol Figured that was a sign that it would work as the name. After all....who doesn't have fond "memories" of sitting in chairs by the edge of the water on a summer day. Memories of those warm relaxed peaceful days are with everyone...especially as we do our best to make it through these winter months in hope of seeing those warm days again.

For those of you who may not ever see this piece in person and have the opportunity to find some of the hidden images within....I've taken just a few and put them here for you to enjoy. Click on it to enlarge.
Now I think I'm going to hang this one up for a while and picture a nice warm beach day!

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