Jun 13, 2011

A family & friends weekend!!

You have to love a weekend filled with parties, friends, and family. On Saturday we traveled with two of our friends to the farmhouse owned by other friends of ours.The theme for this party was much like that of the Kentucky Derby party.....this one was for the Belmont.It was the first time we'd been to this farmhouse, built in the 1800's. Beautiful old New England.
The property has the largest hickory tree you could imagine. There is also a pond and waterfall to complete the setting!! Once inside my eyes fell onto the stove of my dreams!!!! Always wanted a kitchen with a stove like that!!
One of the other guests there was the brother of our hostess. His name is Jay McMahon ......a magician...and I must say....quite good!!! Just standing around in the kitchen, with no special props at all, he did magic that had me quite amazed.....and his sister concerned for her silverware...lol.  If you ever have a chance to see him or book him for an event...you won't be dissappointed.
What a great night that was....loads of friends, food, and fun.
The next day, and second part of our weekend was to drive back toward home to the river house to help celebrate my in-laws 60th anniversary!!!    Such a sweet and wonderful couple and such a great family they have created. I'm thrilled to have become part of it.   Bev & Chas.....may you have many more happy years !!!
And just look at this...we have my brother-in-law and hubby in the kitchen cleaning up!! Yep, men in the kitchen.....the perfect ending to a fun filled weekend.


Renee Stien said...

what a fun weekend you must have had!

Terri Kahrs said...

What a fabulous weekend you had, Wanda! Good for YOU . . . . with the way you've been working, you could use a nice weekend of fun and relaxation!

Love the pics -- and I must say, I can understand your wanting that stove! I'ts awesome!!! Hugs, Terri xoxo