Sep 18, 2010

Full Display

A few days ago I made a trip to the Little Beach Gallery in Hyannis with my new pieces that I'd been creating on canvas. They have had a collection of them as I'd been doing them previously, framed under glass. The owner was quite excited to see the new works.'s always a pleasure to take a drive through the Cape on a lovely day....but an even greater pleasure to see the reaction my new work received.

The only problem it created was in deciding what she wanted to keep and what to send home with me. In the end....only one left the gallery!

This is a pic she took later that day after arranging the two styles together. There are actually a couple more pieces in another spot as I must say.....I've got a pretty awesome Torn Paper Painting display there right now!! Thanks Jen!

1 comment:

roc said...

congratulations wanda! that is such exciting news. your work is beautiful! good luck with that gallery hangings...hope you sell them all!