Jun 3, 2010

New book

In between all the paper pieces I've been working on, I took a bit of time to create a new art journal for myself. On my regular art site we've decided to make a personal book and scan each months page to share with the group.

Having never actually "made" a book before, the idea was a little scary and exciting. I found an old school encyclopedia that I'd kept around for using the pages in my paper art...so I decided to put the cover to use and removed the entire insides. Then, using tinted 140 lb watercolor paper, I cut the pages to size and bound them to the cover in numerous sections using sail cord.

There are enough pages in this book to last for several years making double spread months! Some of the pages have flaps added for interest. I've just gotten started with the first page by getting the background done with watercolors and adding the "day' boxes.

Now the fun can begin!

1 comment:

Sarah said...

wow I am impressed!! This looks fantastic!! :) Is there anything you can't do?