Jun 19, 2010

Friends and Art

Just flew home yesterday from a week long vist with my dear artist friend Roc. It was such fun to play in her workroom!!!
Talk about a woman who has everything!!

We shopped, ate, played, and had a great time as well getting onto Skype and meeting some of the other gals in our art group.

How much fun it is now to put faces and voices to the avatars on the site.

Everyone I met exceeded my expectations! Guess this means I may need to finally get a webcam of my own so we can visit again.

While I was there at Roc's house, we also had another "in person" meeting from another one of our artist friends. Terri came to spend the afternoon with us!! What a delight she was. Had to take a pic of her with each of us... "terri & roc" in the 1st pic and with me in the 2nd.

We really enjoyed her company. Thanks for stopping by Terri!!

Roc also has this beautiful koi pond in her backyard.....so needless to say, I had to spend quite a bit of time taking pics of these awesome fish.

They were by far the biggest I'd seen yet!
No doubt they will become inspiration for future koi paper pieces!!

Roc...a big thanks to you and hubby for being such great hosts! I had a wonderful time!!
Now that I'm home again I'll be busy working on that special new paper piece I mentioned earlier. Hopefully I'll get that done soon!


sharon said...

Great pics Wanda, it's so good to see all of you together too! I am bummed I couldn't get there...next time for sure!!

Terri Kahrs said...

Fabulous pics, Wanda! It was so great to meet you. Roc kept you super busy - sounds like you had to head home to "rest up"!!! Hugs, Terri xoxo

WW said...

Terri...We enjoyed our visit with you soo much! What a great afternoon.
Yep...Roc kept me pretty busy...but I think I did the same for her...lol
We may "both" be resting up!!

Tea Time Consultants said...

Nice blog. Looks like a fun life.

Nancy Standlee said...

I've just posted my 2nd Koi after painting more papers today. Now to a longhorn.

WW said...

It was so nice of you to stop by and let me know of your latest pieces.
You did a wonderful job on them..yay!
If you do that longhorn...be sure to let me know...lol

Astrid Maclean said...

Wonderful pictures Wanda, and thanks for telling me about them! You know, Terri actually looks a little bit like I imagined her anyway. You guys must have had such a great time!