Apr 5, 2010

Show at Navio

Over the weekend I attended an art show opening with my husband and daughter. This was a show I didn't want to miss because it is was the Paper Painting work of Elizabeth St. Hilaire Nelson.
As it has been through the ages with one artist being inspired by another, when I was first moving from watercolor and started working with collage and had begun creating my paper style, I saw Elizabeth's work and was quite inspired.

I'd seen some other's similiar, but her work was quite eye catching! She indeed has her process down.
I was not only interested meeting her that evening, but very much wanted to see her work up close as well.
It was soo interesting for me to see the vast difference in our work this way.

As any painter can tell you, just because you use the same paint as another, doesn't mean the works will look alike.
We both use paper...but honestly...that's where it ends. From a distance one might say that the style is the same, but up close is where that changes.

Elizabeth's work looks soo much like an oil painting! Yes, indeed you know it's paper, but she works in a darker palette of colors and applies her paper in a bolder, heavier manner than mine.
She also works on wood panel and all her wonderful farm animals are framed in barn board frames without glass...again, as oil. They are beautiful to look at and the textures make you keep your hands behind your back because otherwise you're tempted to reach out and touch them!

My paper pieces are quite different in the fact that I come from a watercolor background. My palette is quite a bit softer in color and my application of paper is much lighter. I don't use the wood panel...they are done mainly on 200lb watercolor paper, so I can only push the paper just so far. As for framing...I create a floating mat style for mine and they are framed under glass.
Soo...although they are both Paper creations...one looks like oil and the other like watercolor.
For me, this was great to be able to see in person.
As for meeting Elizabeth, this was a lovely bonus. She was very warm and friendly and we had a long and interesting chat. I was delighted she was able to fly up for the opening.
Elizabeth...it was also great to be able to see that "paper skirt" up close as well!!

It was also nice to find a new gallery, Navio, so close to home. What a lovely job these artists have done with it. I plan to watch for more of their shows and I wish them the best.


Elizabeth St. Hilaire Nelson said...

Wanda, it was so nice to meet you at NAVIO in New BEdford, I can't believe you didn't give me a heads up so that I could get my memory straight when I met you! It wasn't until you said "Wonder Wanda" that it all clicked! I love your post, thank you for your kind words and you are truly on the money when you say that your palette is more of a watercolor feel, I can see that and it does make sense. I have tried to make my work feel like oil or acrylic paintings, with the glass free framing as you noted. I coat them with UVLS (Ultra Violet Light Stabilization) Varnish by GOLDEN so that the texture can shine through. It's not just you! My cousin, who was also in attendance of the opening, said to me "Can I touch this?" And I had to tell him NO WAY! ha ha, I guess it is tempting. It was so nice to meet you I had no idea that you lived so close. Seth has asked me to stay on with some pieces so I hope you'll pop in and see what's new once in a while and let me know what you think. I am always interested to hear what another collage artist thinks, since we think alike!

roc said...

what a nice story wanda. i bet it was wonderful to see elizabeth's work up close. i know how much you love to do this type of work yourself. i am a huge fan of what you create!

WW said...

Elizabeth...I knew the "Wonder Wanda" would get your attention..lol
Didn't want to let you know in advance that I was coming, just in case I couldn't make it. Glad it all worked out.
Maybe sometime you'll get to see my paper pieces in person and we can comepare notes!!
Good luck at the gallery.

Roc....Thank you so much for the lovely compliment. I'm thrilled to have such a creative person as yourself be one of my fans as well.

Cathy said...

What a wonderful experience for you, Wanda! I admire you so much; you truly are wonder wanda!