Apr 16, 2010

Collyer's Gallery

I just paid a visit to Collyer's, the gallery in Mattapoisett that is carrying my art right now. I thought it would be fun to bring her a copy of the newspaper article that just came out today about my work. OK....not the best article written...but it was nice to get some press. Certainly there are things that I would have been sure to put into it...such as a little better description about how the art is actually created...a mention of the gallery....as well as my website!!
Oh well....as I said....it was at least nice to get some press...lol

While I was at the gallery I decided it would be a good chance to take a shot or two of the current display of my work. It was great to see it hanging.
Had a nice chat with the gallery owner who was telling me how much attention the pieces are getting. Seems that a lot of people are taking notice. She even had one woman questioning her about having me do a larger commission piece. This was great to hear considering that the busy season around here hasn't even begun!!


Sarah said...

Oh what fun would it be to do a larger comission piece!! :) The display looks great at the gallery too!

roc said...

your artwork looks great on the wall! great article, too. it's always good to get your name out there!!