Dec 21, 2009

Snowy weekend

Well....looks like it'll be a white Christmas. With approx. 18" inches of snow over the weekend...I don't think it's going to melt anytime too soon.

I have to say, while it does tend to change plans for everyone when this's actually quite beautiful. I had to get out there and take some pics from around the house.

The gazebo in the front yard always looks lovely surrounded by snow...not to mention the trees lining the driveway. Thank goodness for the snowblower.

The stone wall at the top of the driveway always makes a pretty image.

Looking at the expression on the trees...they're enjoying it too!


roc said...

what a gorgeous sight. it sure is pretty isn't it? too bad i hate the cold. brrr.

Sarah said...

That smiling tree picture is my favorite! :)