Dec 9, 2009

More pink

Well....the open studios show last weekend is over and it went sooo well.
Sold art, jewelry, cards, etc. Great crowd all weekend regardless of the weather. It rained awfully on Saturday and we woke on Sunday to snow.

One of the cupcake pieces that sold was one that was mainly pink. Seems to be a color that gets attention. So, while at the show, I worked on another mostly pink cupcake. It was great to have a set-up for actually working at the same time. People loved watching what was going on and how these are done.

While at the show I also met a local newspaper writer who does articles for the "art scene" in the area. She was quite excited about my work and the unusual nature of it and wants to do an article! Yay.

I'll be in touch with her to see what we can work out.


Cathy said...

so glad it went so well!

roc said...

congratulations on a great show! i'm really proud of you. i had no doubt one of those cupcakes would sell. i keep telling you how awesome your paper pieced pieces are !! hey..say that three times fast!

Tumble Fish Studio said...

Hi Wanda! I'm so happy to hear about your show! Congratulations! But it's no surprise. You know I think your work is incredible and so unique - extraordinary really! I hope you have a wonderful blissful Christmas with your family and friends!

Unknown said...

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