Sep 2, 2009

Cupcake Muse

Either I have a cupcake for a muse loves cupcakes.
Well....if that be the case, who could blame her. I mean...who doesn't love cupcakes.

What makes me wonder about this is the overwhelming urge to make another cupcake piece every time I finish with a larger paper painting.

Having just finished my larger Goldfish piece...and thinking about my next big one....I found myself unable to control the need to make a cupcake!

I'm thinking that it's some kind of cleansing the palette type thing. The little cupcakes sort of jiggle everything and put me back into a starting position for the next piece.

Hey...I can't argue with the muse. Seems to be working just fine!


roc said...

this is gorgeous and publishing ready! you should submit this to one of the art mags wanda. i'd fram it and hang it on my wall...just BEAUTIFUL!
and hey...i'm right with you on that whole "love cupcakes" thing!

Michele said...

I just love your cupcakes! Very beautiful!