Aug 11, 2009

Mother & daughter weekend

One of my very favorite things to do is to spend some quality time with my daughter. This past weekend I had a chance to do just that!
We both had a weekend with available time to get I drove up to her place to stay the night. On Saturday afternoon when I arrived it was such a beautiful day we decided to go off to the Marketplace Festival that was being put on by the MA. Horticultural Society.
It turned out to be an even bigger treat than we'd expected.

The festival was beautifully put together with some real quality crafters and great baked goods and farm fresh items.
Along with that there were some spectacular gardens. After we shopped around a while...we went off to discover and take pictures of all the wonderfully colorful flowers. The pics I've got posted here are merely a few of the many I took that day.After a long day of play at the festival we went back home and had a lovely dinner and watched movies together.
A leisurely morning with a great breakfast, cooked by my gal, and a
visit from another friend rounded out a really nice time.

Sarah...thanks for being such a great hostess!!


roc said...

i LOVE that big chair! oh my is too cute to see you both up there! what a wonderful weekend you must have had. i'm so happy for you to be able to spend time with your daughter. i'm sure it did you both a world of good!

Sarah said...

thank you for coming up to visit! Was a wonderful day/night! :)