Aug 28, 2009


Last week my husband and I went to Boston for a Red Sox vs. Yankee game.

This was big time for us. Even living only an hour's not something that we normally do. This time however, we were lucky enough to have been given a great pair of tickets to the game from one of my husbands clients!!
It's soo different to see it up close. The field looks sooooo big on TV...but in person it's actually much more intimate in size. It's also a bit surreal knowing that it's in the middle of a city like Boston and seeing the tall buildings in the background.

Yes...we did take part in the dinner of beer, hot dogs, and peanuts. No crackerjacks though.

I did take more pics than I could ever post here...but these are just a taste.
The two action shots I have here are of one great pitching movement with (I believe) A Rod in the background....and the other shot with the player on the ground is Johnny Damon, who, being I believe the first player up that night, started off by crying that he's been hit by the ball. Big baby!

Yes....of course I'm a Red Sox


julie king said...

baseball is my favorite sport and you've captured all the lore in this post!!

roc said...

i'm not a sports fan per se...but whenever we would go see the phillies i will admit the energy in the stadium is catching. we always had the best time going there!