May 8, 2009

In Flight

Rarely do I find myself with my camera at hand at just the right moment.
Luckily....this time I did.
It was such a beautiful day today that I just had to take time out to sit on the edge of the dock for a while.
My first lucky moment was in seeing the first dragonfly of the season!! Yay!
The other was in watching the swans that have decided to live on the pond this year. I took the first pick while watching them just swimming around.
I sat there a while, chatted with a neighbor and was just going to go back inside when they suddenly took flight. I grabbed the camera and hoped for the best.
The first shot of them were as they were coming my way...the second was as they circled around to head back out to the far end of the pond.
What a beautiful sight they are in flight!

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