Apr 26, 2009

The first

...offer, that is.
Yep....my very first real estate customers have made their first offer on house.
They are a darling young couple with a sweet little 20mo old daughter. This will be their first home.
I'm sooo thrilled for them. Nervous too since I'm now doing my best to try and see to it that they get the home they want.
We've been running around looking at everything on the market. I honestly thought that today would be one of those rare days that I would take advantage of the weather in the 80's to get caught up on cleaning up my gardens for the start of the new season. I spent about 2 hrs when my phone rang and they were all excited because they went to some "open houses" today and found this one.
Well, needless to say, I dropped everything and got cleaned up and ran over to the house. We ended the day back at the office writting up the offer and I spent the next couple of hours on the phones trying to tie loose ends and make this work.
Now.....we wait!


roc said...

oh congrats! i hope it goes well and you get a big fat commission check to enjoy!!

Anonymous said...

Awesome for you all.....lots o' luck!
Blessings and Peace, Dar

julie king said...

oh, good luck on your first sale! i always thought that would be such a rewarding career. you'll be helping people to fill their dreams!!