Apr 20, 2009

The Buzzard

I was lucky enough to have a good friend come and visit for the weekend, but of course, the real estate business that I’m in now just doesn’t stop…weekend or not.
I’ve got a good customer right now and have been showing them many homes.
I have to say however, I really needed a well-deserved break on Saturday evening….so we took our weekend guest and joined another couple we are friends with and went for a beer tasting at the local brewery.
I’m really not even a beer drinker, but the timing just seemed right and we’d always wanted to check the place out. It’s the Buzzards Bay Brewery.
Very cool. I took pics of the big vats and we tried four different varieties of the beer.
I must admit, they really were all very different. I at least now know that I DON’T like pilsner at all but I found the dark lager to be pretty decent….if you have to drink beer.
I’m really more of a wine person myself.


roc said...

we have some big breweries around us too wanda. aren't the tours great? but i personally hate the taste of beer and yes even wine. but give me a marquerita and i'll drink you under the table! haha now wouldn't that be great if we could go on a marguerita tour?

WW said...

LOL....I agree completely Roc. Wouldn't that be fun!!

Sarah said...

Oh! Too bad I didn't know about this - Eric would have loved it. But YOU drank BEER? I'm impressed! I'd have to agree with Roc too - beer? wine? I'll have a cape codder please :)