Mar 3, 2009


Ahh...yes. Managed to get another piece done.
This one is for a "zettie" themed postcard trade.
I went with a red and white stripe this time instead of the traditional black and white.
Sadly the scan doesn't really show the shimmer on the body from the twinkling H2O's I used.
Just feels good to be getting a few things done that aren't related to the real estate right now.


roc said...

welcome to land of the living wanda! so happy to have you back in to the world of art. now when are you planning to retire?

julie king said...

delightful! what are sparkling h2os?? i really enjoy the whimsical style of your art!

WW said...

Hi Julie
they are watercolor paints with a shimmer to them.
I love it because it stays shimmering beautifully even after they dry and they come in tons of colors!

Anonymous said...

very cute :) Good to exercise that right brain every now and then!

Angelika Westermann said...

Hi Wanda,
Could you please enlighten me? It's the first time I have stumbled upon the word "zettie" - what does it mean?
Thanks in advance for your answer.
Oh, and by the way, I like this ATC!