Mar 11, 2009

A tiny cupcake

Who would have thought that a teeny tiny cupcake would take sooo long to do! This little "thrinchie" is a 3"x3" torn paper piece turned magnet.
Just really needed to do some art before work.
I've got two larger torn paper pieces in the works...but with less time available, it'll be a while before they are done. This little piece helped to fill a need to finish one....and I'm in a bit of a cupcake mood


Jennifer Williams said...

You and your cupcakes! This turned out really neat. I can't tell what sort of paper it is but I like the cherry on top.

barefootchef said...

This is really great, I just love it. You do beautiful work with the torn paper.

WW said...

Thanks guys.
Jen...the paper I used for the cherry was actually a shiny paper from a lovely wrapped chocolate.
Once you start doing throw almost nothing

roc said...

you did a great job! love it.

julie king said...

what a sweet (pun intended) piece! isn't torn paper so much fun??

jennalee said...

wow, love it, it looks yummy.