Feb 8, 2009

The Grandturtles

Well...finally got to meet the "grandturtles" today. This is how my daughter refers to them, being the first pets she's gotten since moving into her own apartment. I must admit...they actually are kinda cute. I brought them some "freeze dried shrimp" and scored some big points with them for that!

I went up to visit really so that I could drop off the Mardi Gras paper artwork piece I'd done for the Crohn's and Colitis Foundation fundraising gala/auction. It was just a nice bonus to get to finally meet the "kids".

I think I'm going to hit a milestone tomorrow and finally make a decision on the real estate agency to work for. It has certainly been an eye opener the last week and a half, interviewing all the many local agencies. Yes...I pretty much did the interviewing. It is truely amazing how many agencies contact you almost the moment you pass the exam for your license. Everything from tons of mail to phone calls asking you to come and talk with them. I went to quite a few....enough to get a real feel for just how varied they are. One might think that it's all very similier.....nope. Each office has their own way of working, their own rules and expectations, and their own vast amounts of money that they plan to deduct from you before and after you start making any...lol

Sooo....it's time to just do it. I'm not gonna make anything while mulling it over.....so tomorrow I jump in with fingers crossed!


jennalee said...

love the grands and your new adventure.

Anonymous said...

aw glad you enjoying meeting the boys today... you certainly spoiled them with the shrimp! Leave it to Grandma! :)